How to Set the Mood Right When Writing a Dissertation

Why is Mood Important?

Let’s face it; writing a dissertation is not a fun activity. It involves loads of tedious work and calculations. It consists of reading lots of researches from other publications to get insight into your research. Therefore, it is easy to lose your head when writing your piece. 

Procrastination is a common trait for most college students when writing their dissertation. It is not about your character but the thought of getting tied down with loads of work. However, one motivator that keeps students burning the midnight oil is the due date. You do not have to wait until the last minutes to force yourself with a long pile of work to go through.

You can set the mood right in your study room to get the engine going. It is proven that a calm brain and environment are essential factors in boosting one’s productivity. You can increase your productivity by working when you are in the mood right. Setting the mood right is an incentive to work harder. 

How Does Mood Relate to Productivity

Recent research proves that having a good day mood is critical for having a productive day. It translates to getting down to work on your dissertation. An excellent working mood results in good work quality and quantity.

Turning a bad mood or less interest in working on your dissertation is simple and very possible. Research also relate to procrastination as a mood management technique. Therefore, it is easy to get in the right mood to work on your dissertation without any distractions.

Tips for Setting the Mood Right

After establishing how good mood results in increased productivity while at work, here are various tips to achieve this.

Starting Easy

Once you have decided you need to work on your dissertation, it is advisable to let things happen on their own. Once you start easy, you get a grasp of what needs to be part of your dissertation. It becomes to include the following in your piece:

  • A direct hypothesis
  • Opening statement
  • Research objective 
  • Research questions
  • Aim of the study


Do not tie yourself down to the problematic practice of studying; it will only wear you out quickly. Therefore, start easy to build momentum while working on your paper. Set small targets to accomplish within the writing sessions to reduce the overall workload. 

Creating an Ideal Writing Space

Your work starting plays a significant role in determining your mood. Having a crowded and noisy work station will interfere with your focus. Therefore, it is essential to search for a quiet room that makes you focus. It is recommended to choose a less crowded place with fewer distractions from other people.

Rewarding Yourself

It will help if you reward yourself after completing one session without dozing off. It is not about perfection but progress. You need to schedule your work session into fun moments. Get a treat once you have completed a specific section in your dissertation. Proceed to get more work done afterwards. The reward should not work as a motivator but as an incentive to achieve more. 


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