Every Aspect You Need to Cover When Writing a Lab Report

Basics of a Lab Report

A lab report is an essential addition to your research analysis skills. It showcases your prowess in conducting an experiment and making deductions. You need to show high experimenting skills in addition to high observation skills during the experiment. Therefore, you should apply high ethical practice when formulating your lab report.

Most people take a lab report for a diary. It contains a detailed summary of each activity done during the experiment. At a future date, you should be able to look back at the piece for reference. It will call for reading your previous work and producing some results from your deductions in the experiment. 

A lab report is divided into three essential elements. Any decent lab report presented to your instructor should follow this basic guideline consisting of a:

  • Pre-lab
  • In-lab
  • Post-lab

Breakdown of a Basic Lab Report

Are you stuck in writing a lab report? There are essential tips you should include in your document. Here is a basic guideline to help you in the writing process of your document.

Pre-Lab Report

The first part of the document is the introductory phase. It represents an introduction to the experiment. It consists of the following structures:


A reader should get concise information from reading your document. Furthermore, they should develop a pattern of where your experiment is leading to. You can write the introductory part in different styles. 

Procedural Flowchart

It should not cover more than one page. It is recommended for students to include a detailed flowchart that showcases all the experiment steps. Furthermore, you should not include a detailed analysis of the chart. 

Each procedure should be clearly stated with the respective steps included. A small detailed explanation of each step should follow. However, do not extend the explanation bit since it is covered under the following part in the writing process. The char should be a representation of added entities into the final draft.

In- Lab Report

Several activities happen when conducting an in-lab report; some of the common steps involved are:

Data Taking

It is recommended to always write with a pen. It is advisable to take note of each piece of information presenting at the time of experimenting. Any observations made during the experiment should be included. It is highly advisable to include each piece of data collected during the process. 


Apart from recording data, it is advisable to keep track of any changes that take place when experimenting. Some critical observations possible during the process consists of various changes that took place during the process of experimenting.

Post Lab Report

It involves the last part of the writing process in your report. It involves the following key steps when recording your data:

Data Taking 

It involves including all data taken during the in-lab report process. Data gathering should follow simple criteria. You should possess high organizational skills to record these data.


In case you have the formula to use, it is essential to write it down first. Furthermore, it is advisable to include all units. Getting the units first is a good test for your dimensional analysis during the experimenting process. 


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